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Precision Strobe Tuners
Precision Strobe Tuner App
For iPhone and iPod
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The Precision Strobe Tuner is a musical instrument tuning aid for technicians and musicians. It combines the principle of the mechanical strobe tuner with solid state electronics, providing a tuning aid which is highly accurate, compact, and easy to use. Advanced signal processing technology is used to provide a clear display right from the attack under all tuning conditions, even down to the lowest note on the piano.

PST-4 Features:
- True Strobe Tuning Accuracy and Speed.
- Coarse Tuning Indicator to Get Within Range of Strobe Operation.
- Automatic Note Tracking Mode.
- Built in Microphone.
- Input Jack for Direct Instrument Input or External Mic.
- Output Jack, Reference Pitch Output or Thru Signal Function.
- Digital Filtering Modes for Stable Display from Note Attack.
- 40 Programmable Memory Banks for Piano Stretch Tuning or Alternate Temperamants.
- External Wall Transformer or Battery Operation (6 AA Cells).
- Built in NiMH Battery Charger.
- Compact Size, 3.5 x 5.6 x 1.8 inches (Excluding Knob).
- Black Anodized Aluminum Housing.
- Fully Adjustable Back Stand/Hanger.

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The PST is a True Strobe Tuner.

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